WolfBridge Financial provides full service financial planning and investment advice. We utilize a team approach, starting with discussing your needs and interests, then mapping specifically-tailored financial solutions to those needs and interests.

Your financial life is more than just your investments. We look at your overall financial picture, with the intention that a financial plan is not a fixed document. It evolves as your needs, interests and situation changes.

We start by examining your current financial picture. We analyze your spending patterns, as well as savings rates, income growth and life event management. Within the financial planning process, we examine “what-if” scenarios and how the plan can adapt to new information.

Retirement planning, education planning are part of our stand alone process. We work with your accountants on tax planning to make sure you finances are as tax efficient as possible. In addition, we recommend a comprehensive estate plan and will work with your attorney to optimize your legacy plan.

Once your plan is in place, we use a dynamic investment process that fits your specific goals. We utilize a low-cost, highly efficient approach to investment management, making sure you receive value at a reasonable cost.

For those who do not need a comprehensive plan, we offer our Financial Snapshot, which examines your financial situation quantitatively, makes some recommendations about what strengths and weaknesses you may have and allows you to meet your needs otherwise. We provide this service for a flat $450.