Viviana and her group have reached their goal of raising $1,600, of which we funded $25, so that they are able to purchase bean seeds, compost, and other farming supplies for their agricultural business. We hope that this credit will allow the group to increase productivity and sustain profits, so that their children will remain in school. The group will start paying back their loan in February, 2012, and we will receive payments each month for six months until our loan is paid back in full. Then, we will be able to re-loan the money to another entrepreneur in a developing country.

We have enough money in our Kiva account to make one more loan before we start receiving re-payments. I will make this loan in December. So far, we have contributed to groups of women in Pakistan, Senegal, and Ecuador. These small “microloans” can do so much for people who have no other way to obtain credit. Kiva gift cards are great gifts for family and friends this season! When you purchase a gift card for $25, you give someone the chance to lend the money to an individual or group that speaks to them the most. Then when the money is repaid to their account, they can re-lend the money, or cash it out. Of course, the idea is that they will re-lend the money and hopefully add to the account themselves. You can make gift card purchases online at