One of the most frequent questions we receive when it comes to the collaborative divorce process is a simple one – “How much does Collaborative Divorce cost?”

It’s a sensible question and certainly one that should be asked about any form of divorce you choose. It may seem like collaborative divorce must be more than a traditional divorce, right? Not exactly the case.

WolfBridge Financial CEO, Michael Kothakota, takes a few minutes to answer some of the pressing questions that most divorcing couples have when it comes to the cost of divorce.

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1. So, how bad can the cost of a divorce really



2. What happens to a lot of these individuals who you’ve seen go through tough, financially straining divorces?

3. In your opinion, how important is it to make sure the divorce process is a smooth one?

4. Knowing that Collaborative Divorce involves a lot of professionals – is it expensive?

5. Is there are reason collaborative divorce can be more expensive?

6. OK, so collaborative divorce can potentially be more expensive, but there are hidden costs in traditional divorce that often make it more expensive from a financial and personal standpoint?

7. What are some exact cost comparisons between traditional and collaborative divorce?

8. So bottom line, how expensive is divorce?

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