Divorce is a tough thing for anyone to go through. There are other ways to go through the divorce process, however, than the typical court battle most folks see on TV and in movies.

At WolfBridge Financial, we work with groups like Separating Together and the North Carolina Association of Collaborative Divorce Professionals (NCACDP) to promote the Collaborative Divorce process.

What is the collaborative divorce process? We answered that question a few weeks ago on this very blog. You can find it HERE.

In the Podcast below we want to dig deeper into the specific differences between Collaborative Divorce and Traditional Divorce. WolfBridge CEO, Michael Kothakota, answers some important questions that help differentiate the two processes and hopefully make your decision easier when choosing which route to take.

PLAY: [audio:http://wolfbridgefinancial.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Difference-Between-Traditional-Collaborative_-FINAL.mp3]


1. What are the most basic differences in the two divorce processes?

2. Can you elaborate on the full disclosure clause?

3. How is the negotiation process different in collaborative divorces?

4. What are the different steps in the collaborative divorce negotiation process?

5. Why is the agreement made in collaborative divorce between ex-spouses considered durable?

6. How long are meetings in the collaborative process?