Our tax expert here at WolfBridge Financial, Kristen Steffen, CPA, sat down to answer a few questions that couples who got divorced in 2011 are probably asking with tax season around the corner.

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Kristen addresses the following questions, and is more than happy to answer additional questions if you want to write them in the comment area below or Contact Us.

  • I was divorced in 2011, how do I file my taxes?
  • What if both parties want to file as head of household?
  • Do both parties generally have a good feel for how the taxes have been done in the past and how they should be done moving forward, or do you recommend they hire a CPA?
  • What if I received alimony throughout 2011 and didn’t work?
  • What if I was divorced in early 2012, do I still file as married on my 2011 taxes?
  • If you are planning to get divorced in 2012, does that affect how you file for 2011?
  • Are there any strange divorce tax rules you might need to know?