As we get older we tend to own more things, have additional dependents or maybe even begin to gather income from a variety of sources. This can certainly cause stress levels to rise leading up to April 15 when taxes need to be filed.

Sometimes the toughest decision is to figure out whether we can handle doing our taxes with the help of some tax software that can be purchased at your local Target, Staples or Best Buy or if we should spend the extra money and let a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) handle it.

Sometimes it boils down to the complexity of the taxes or simply whether or not you feel like spending less money and potentially suffering through the headaches of doing them on your own.

Recently our in-house CPA, Kristen Steffen, sat down to answer a few questions on who should consider hiring a CPA and why.

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  • I’m single – can’t I handle filing my taxes on my own?
  • I used to file my own taxes while I was single and now I’m married – are taxes more difficult to file now?
  • So if you’re self employed it can be much more difficult than working off of a W-2?
  • What if I was a W-2 employee in 2011 but am planning on starting my own business in 2012?
  • Are there any deductions I might not know about if I file my own taxes that a CPA would know about?
  • How do CPA’s typically charge for tax return services?
  • What if I live in North Carolina but receive income from other states – is that difficult to deal with when it comes to filing my taxes?