As mentioned in previous posts, the WolfBridge Financial team works with groups like Separating Together and the North Carolina Association of Collaborative Divorce Professionals (NCACDP) to promote the Collaborative Divorce process.

In a new podcast from WolfBridge Financial CEO, Michael Kothakota, we cover the process of choosing Collaborative Divorce. This podcast could be extremely helpful if you are in the midst of a divorce and are unsure as to what you should do. It explains whether or not you may be right for collaborative divorce and how you can get the process started. A full list of the questions asked can be found below.

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1. Who is right for collaborative divorce?

2. What if you don’t think your spouse will be cordial in the collaborative meetings?



3. How can I get the Collaborative Divorce Process Started?

4. What questions should I ask collaborative divorce professionals before choosing one?

5. I know the collaborative process puts a great deal of emphasis on making sure the kids aren’t forgotten. Can you explain how they are involved in the process?

6. What if I have additional questions about the collaborative divorce process?

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