WolfBridge Financial CEO, Michael Kothakota, recently co-authored an article with attorney Randolph (Tre’) Morgan III, JD entitled Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce: A Process for Effective Dispute Resolution.

The article was featured in the Charleston School of Law Journal Resolved: A Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Morgan and Kothakota are both members of the Raleigh organization Separating Together, a group of attorneys, financial specialists, child specialists and co-parenting advisors working together to help couples and their families access the collaborative family law alternative in North Carolina.

Below is a short excerpt of the article and a link to download the PDF.

The practice of law is changing. Clients now demand quicker, less expensive, and more effective legal services. In fact, clients do not want legal services anymore. They want solutions.

This is especially true in family law and divorce matters. Fewer and fewer clients adopt the divorce is war mentality that characterized traditional divorce and family law processes. Fewer and fewer clients are willing to tolerate the emotional, financial, and legal destruction that comes with adversarial divorces. Clients want to protect their children, preserve their financial future, and begin the next stage of their lives free of the trauma of an ugly divorce. Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce (ICD) is designed to meet those needs.

However, most dispute resolution professionals either have not heard of ICD or lack sufficient familiarity with the process. This paper presents an overview of ICD, seeks to explain the method, and describes the professionals involved in making it a highly effective dispute resolution process.