Summer is here, and to go with the theme of saving money, I thought it would be great to post a list of workshops that children can attend. Not only are they educational, they involve the family!

1. Workshops at Apple

Apple provides two programs, Youth Workshops & Apple Camp. Youth Workshops are more family centered while Apple Camp is focused on the child. Both are great ways to develop Mac skills by using iLife and iWork applications.

2. Michael’s

Michael’s is a great place to take your children for arts & crafts workshops. It’s both a lot of fun and educational. Who knows, you may even get a gift out of it! 

3. A.C. Moore

A.C. Moore offers arts & crafts workshops as well, and even lists some craft ideas.

4. Lowe’s Home Improvement

Offers some great arts & crafts ideas for the children involving some home improvement techniques.

5. Home Depot

Home Depot offers a lot of workshops and fun activities for the family.

6. Toys R Us

Sometimes Toys R Us offers workshops and fun activities for children.

7. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble offers a lot of activities for children. They have storytime for children of all ages, online story book readings, and several speakers and events. It’s a great way to meet people and have fun.

8. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops offer arts & crafts for children

All of these are great ideas for workshops for your children. There are also plenty of local places to check for other types of workshops, such as safety, acting and other sorts of recreational activities. Your local YMCA and Parks & Recreation part of your local government has resources for your children as well as other community organizations.

Another great website to check out for events and speakers is offers a variety of resources including places to volunteer and other ways to get involved in the community.

I’d like to hear about any of the experiences that you’ve had with these workshops, so please comment. Also, if anyone has any additional workshops or activities that they would like to share, that would be appreciated.