With Veterans Day just a few days away, we sat down with Michael Kothakota, CEO of WolfBridge Financial, to discuss how to become a veteran entrepreneur.


As a veteran of the North Carolina National Guard and someone who served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, Michael was able to return to civilian life and become a successful entrepreneur. Below he answers questions on exactly how he was able to make the transition.

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1. You served in Iraq, how did that help you make the decision to become an entrepreneur? 

2. Did serving in a war make it difficult to transition into the business world?

3. How was the 1st year as a veteran entrepreneur?

4. Did the military help prepare for being an entrepreneur you in ways you had no idea it would?

5. I’m a veteran – how can I get my business started?

6. I’m a veteran – can you help me get my business started?

Are you a veteran entrepreneur? If so, what are some tips you can share that on how you were able to make the transition after serving our country?

Do you need help with an idea or getting a new company started? Please feel free to contact Michael Kothakota at Michael DOT Kothakota AT WolfbridgeFinancial DOT com.