The WolfBridge Financial blog has been focusing a lot on taxes lately – in case you hadn’t noticed.

We know firsthand how stressful tax season can be, and want to help prepare everyone in the Triangle so that you can focus more on your family and friends, instead of how much money you owe.

Here are a few things we’ve covered so far:

Today we want to help you even more.

As a sports fan, I’ve always been fond of pocket schedules and calendars because you can keep them in your wallet and they don’t make you look like George Costanza (see below)

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Introducing the 2012 North Carolina Tax Return Pocket Card

It may not be all that fancy, but we managed to put together a pocket card that has many of the key dates and details you’ll need leading up to April 15, 2012.

So instead of having to dig around on the Internet, or calling the (yikes!) NC Department of Revenue, you can simply download our card and fold it up. Then just place it in your wallet, purse, carry-on, tablet cover or anything else readily accessible and you’re ready to file those pesky taxes.

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